Marvin Grayson resides in Wilmington, Delaware and has a creative mind and unique sense of humor. And you will find his gift in his writing.  

Marvin uses his time writing in hopes that others will be inspired. Also, he wants them to know that the chapters of their lives are still being written. And it's not too late to become what you've dreamed of. This book points out that life is full of Lessons and that we must Learn from them. 

His title Lessons Learned is available on all "ONLINE" bookstores available for purchase. He is currently writing his seconded title Forfeit Proof of Life should be out late this year or early next year. We will keep you posted.

Marvin Grayson has published is book through Jazzy Kitty Publications who has been in business since 2005.  He encourages all inspiring authors to reach out to Anelda Attaway aka Jazzy Kitty the CEO and Publisher for more information regarding their book publishing services. See the information below: 

Phone: 877.782.5550 x 100

Email: anelda@jazzykittypublications.com

Web: www.jazzykittypublications.com